SWCC Scholarship

We are very excited to announce that Southwest Cattle Clinic now has its very own scholarship. This will be awarded to a staff member who has been involved in the show industry and is now dedicated to give back their time, efford, and knowledge to ensure success for next generations showmen. Below you will find the scholarship application, as well as the deadline and requirements. Please reach out if you have any questions.

@southwestcattleclinic | southwestcattleclinic@gmail.com | 870.397.2448

2022 Southwest Cattle Clinic Scholarship.docx

Without our staff, Southwest Cattle Clinic would not be possible. Our goal as a clinic is to give back to this industry as much as we have gotten out of it, not only in the kids but to our staff as well. The SWCC Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving 2022 staff member. All scholarships will be sent to a panel of five judges, without names or photos of the applicant attached, and will be scored by a rubric provided by the SWCC director.