Welcome to Southwest Cattle Clinic!

We are so excited for our second annual clinic! It is set for November 19, 2022, at Circle J Cowboy Church in Texarkana, AR. This year we have more prizes to award, more rotations for exhibitors, more information planned for our parent clinic, and (hopefully) more showmen!


The Southwest Cattle Clinic staff is completley dedicated to the future of the agriculture industry. We believe that showing cattle is the best avenue to involve future generations. Our slogan, "Next Generation Showmen", started out as something commonly said between staff members while planning the first clinic in 2021. Our overall goal is to train showmen for today's show ring, by creating a positive and motivated environment to show off industry leading products, ideas, and techniques. Our clinics are truly for the kids. Every penny through sponsorships, sign up fees, and our apparel store goes directly to the clinic. This is how we pay for snacks, prizes, lodging and meals for our staff while at the clinic, a showmanship judge, facilites, and many other expenses that comes with the event.